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Zombie Invaders

Çevrimdışı Ashitaka

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Zombie Invaders
« : 01 Ekim 2010, 00:01:06 »
*Some of the characters in this story are imaginary, but most of them are real.

First Chapter ; Sad But True

“Wee i’m eating young people.”
“Wee, i’m dancing, hi-hi.”

Year – 2019

A virus that invading human brain with its DNA and making human to flesh-eater creatures, just leaked out. That virus controlling people and giving them evil thoughts. But their behavior and memories are staying same. So, they are same people with evil thoughts and ugly look.

“Michael Jackson, the zombies’ leader is just making a statement Tom ;
‘Dear World, we are going to invade you my dear. Hi-hi,huuu shamona.’
MJ is moonwalking now,Tom. We’re back on you.”

Virus couldn’t get out from America, but it is controlling almost all America. There are some resistance groups, and they are planning to kill MJ, then  force zombies to make an election. Then they will use the power of democracy to make a civil war in zombie society. So when they discuss hard and be angry, they will kill each other. Then the resistance groups will eliminate the stressful and problem zombies, and clean all America from the virus-and the zombie problem.

Child was walking on the street. He was also singing. There was MJ’s territory, and resistance group wants to give MJ a feed to kill him-or it, whatever MJ is. At the top of the street, MJ showed himself. He was moonwalking. He came to near of the child and his eyes shined. At that time, guys used the rope to “beat it”-ZombieMJ. Mark-a resistance leader- roped him, and took him to main building. MJ didn’t react them to free himself. He was relax. They bring a chair to make him sit. Then they started to talk with MJ.

“Uuu beybi, there is a movement, ha MJ?”

“Ehm,hi-hi. You guys are fuc*ing idiots. Zombies don’t really care about you. Because you are losers. The future of humanity is us, we are smarter than you, we have a better strenght than you. We have just an ugly look. And yeah, we’re evil. Like zergs from Starcraft.”

“Whatever, we have more funny and colourful lifes. We are making world better. And we are smarter than you.”

“What better ? You are cutting down trees, you are harming nature, you are fucking killing animals, using nuclear weapons. And think, how did that virus be ? YOU DID IT. YOU MADE US BORN. You are parasites. With your lifes, world is going to die.”


Mark just bring his hand to his belt and used katana to bring MJ’s head down.

“Hi-hi. Is that funny now you fuc*ing creep ?”


“Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama !”

Some zombies were supporting Obama to be their president. Btw, Obama died at 2014, and assassin killed him with a knife. He said he was affected from Assassin’s Creed, and then world banned Assassin’s Creed. Well, that is the fate of games. Someone kill someone, then anybody don’t blame the parents, they always blame other things like video games.
Other side was supporting James Hetfield.

“And it feels right this timeee!” shouted James. A group of zombies were supporting him. He has more supporters than Obama. Because James had big fan groups before he died. And too much people were hating Obama because of his race. Well, racism is really bad and stupid. Not if there are zombies of course.

Something was happening. James’ supporters were dying collectively. James had run to his limo, and had gone out of there. Everywhere was creepy. Obama’s supporters killed too many zombies from James’ side. At the down of stage, Mark and his group were hiding. ‘La Resistance’ was waiting for Mark’s sign. He signed and ten humans went out of stage to kill remaining zombies. They had two uzis on their hands and two colts on their belts. They also have AK-47s, and of course spare batteries. They killed almost one thousand zombies. Yep, it’s true. “Sad but true.”, yeah, that was ironic. Washington was cleaned up from zombies. And then another groups raided meeting zones at another cities. America was resisting against zombies.


At the next chapter ; Did MJ died ? How did Justin Bieber died and how will he take the lead of zombies ! Will Chuck Norris be right and win again* ? And will Tim Schafer make another great games ? Coming up next week, keep waiting.

*Spoiler : Chuck Norris never fails. He always wins.

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Zombie Invaders
« : 01 Ekim 2010, 00:01:06 »